#My30DayWorld 4/14: What deities dwell in your realm? Are they involved?

In the early days of this new land, when the First Men were sifting through the ruins of the Old Ones, a great number of texts and idols dedicated to heroes of yore were found and studied. The Uncle, Big Paul, and Old Scratch were only a few of the legion of heroes revered by the Old Ones. Many of the First Men could respect the exploits of these figures, soon creating religious rites and rituals around their worship. Now, the majority of Umerigoans worship the Uncle, or his feminine aspect Columbia, in temples festooned in banners of red, white, and blue. Much theological debate centers around the idea of divine visitation, whether the gods and goddesses walk among the Umerigoans, but this is mere speculation. There are more than a few stories of deities being encountered in unlikely places, but again, this is mere speculation.



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